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School, Team & Individual Victories in 2013!

In the second year that we had seniors who went through the Physics First program as freshmen won, for the first time in school history, the
University of Alabama High School Physics Competition in 2013

11:46 AM January 25, 2013 at the University of Alabama Ferguson Center in TUSCALOOSA, AL

         McGill-Toolen Catholic High School took part in the 37th annual University of Alabama High School Physics Competition at the Ferguson Center on Friday January 25th, 2013 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. There were more than 70 teams and 300 of the best senior level physics students from schools in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Georgia. The McGill-Toolen Teams won first and second over teams in all divisions. Two McGill-Toolen students were honored as top individual competitors and one scored the highest on the scholarship competition. McGill-Toolen was also awarded 1st Place among all Schools based on both individual test results and team performance. Five McGill-Toolen competitors had perfect team rounds (the highest ever for McGill-Toolen)
          The day of the competition began with a communion service at Holy Spirit Parish in Tuscaloosa. An hour later grueling individual physics tests were taken and then that was followed by a team cipher that lasted an hour and a half. A physics show and awards ceremony followed that afternoon.
          Kevin Kusch obtained the highest score among all students at the competition on the 75 minute scholarship exam. Kevin Kusch and Allen Davis were given "Top Individual Physics Award" medals (given only to the top 10 individual test scores). This is the second consecutive year that a McGill-Toolen student has earned this award and the first time two McGill-Toolen students have won in the same year! Kevin Kusch and Allen Davis are automatically qualify for full four year scholarships to the University of Alabama as a result of the performance.
         Teams are placed in divisions of small public schools, large public schools, private schools and science-math magnet schools. All divisions do the same problems at the same time and are rated based on correct answer and time of response.
         The McGill-Toolen A Team consisted of seniors Kevin KuschAllen DavisJantzen Lee and freshman Chris McDonald.  This team was awarded first place in the "Private School Division" and won 1st place among all schools in all divisions for the first time in school history.  The B-Team consisted of junior Collin Phillips, senior Silvio PicciniLogan Robinson and Connor Kusch (both freshman).  The B_Team was awarded 2nd place in the "Private School Division" and won 2nd place among all schools in all divisions for the first time in school history.
         Perfect team competition rounds (correctly answering all 4 presented physics problems correctly in 40 seconds or less). Perfect team rounds were posted by Silvio Piccini, Jantzen Lee, Allen Davis, Logan Robinson and Kevin KuschChris McDonald answered all team round questions correctly.
         The final and highest award is the "School Award" (based on a combination of team scores and average individual scores). McGill-Toolen Catholic High School was given the 1st place "School Award" for the first time in School history.  Hoover High School won second place and Ranburne High School won 3rd Place.

         Physics Team moderator Dr. Tim Burgess (McGill-Toolen Science Chair) noted "The leadership on the team this year was extraordinary. Kevin Kusch and Allen Davis pushed team mates to develop better problem solving skills. Collin Phillips and Jacob Jagiello (juniors) spent many hours developing the skills of the younger competitors. This amazing performance is an accomplishment rare for any school from any region. Such a sweep rarely occurs for only the very best teams on a good day with leadership that has prepared the team for success.
         The McGill-Toolen performance is the direct result of the extraordinary talent, capability and work ethic of our very special students. The emphasis of McGill-Toolen in recent years on the synergistic relationship between faith and science has laid the ground work for the accomplishments of our outstanding science students. Success also springs from the support of our community as displayed in the fabulous facilities and resources our students enjoy while doing scientific reasoning day in and day out in the class room. Success, as we had this year, is only possible with community support and we are very grateful!"
Top Overall Scores

McGill-Toolen A Team:    1st  Overall Teams                   73 points
McGill-Toolen B Team:    2nd Overall Teams                   68 points
Hoover High School:        3rd  Overall Teams                   65 points

Hoover A-Team 1st among large Public Schools              65 pts

Ranburne A-Team: 1st among Regular Public Schools      58 pts

Miss. Math and Science School: 1st
among Science and Math                                                 53 pts
Magnet Schools

Results above are from picture taken at end of competition:

McGill-Toolen A-Team: Chris McDonald, Jantzen Lee, Allen Davis, Kevin Kusch

McGill-Toolen B-Team: Silvio Piccini, Clin Phillips, Logan Robinson, Connor Kusch

McGill-Toolen 1st Place among all schools:
Jacob Jagiello, Collin Phillips, Connor Kusch, Silvio Piccini, Allen Davis, Kevin Kusch, Jantzen Lee, Logan Robinson, Chris McDonald Connor, Dr. Tim Burgess (Team Moderator)

School wide commentary after Ash Wednesday Mass:

Additional Information (and photos) are available from the University of Alabama:

Please note that the views expressed here by me do not  represent the views of McGill-Toolen Catholic High School, Archdiocese of Mobile or any  part of the Universal Catholic Church.

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