Thursday, March 23, 2017

Physics First Starter

Freshman getting data from photo-electric effect apparatus.
       The links below are resources used prior to and during the transition the "Physics First" science sequence at McGill-Toolen Catholic High School.

       The key dates during the implementation of the Physics First Sequence at McGill-Toolen.
Introduction to Physics First Presentation  
       This is the presentation used to the staff, administration school board and parents to explain "Physics First".
Action Research:       
        Research prior to, during and after the transition to "Physics First".  The focus is on learning about those programs that were managed well and successful.  We were also tasked to verify that the impact of the new sequence was not having a detrimental impact student outcomes.  In particular the outcomes relating to standardized tests (college entrance scores), Advanced Placement course selection and Advanced Placement Exam performance.
Pamphlet Info:          
        A pamphlet distributed to staff, parents & feeder schools which explained the "Physics First" program.  Introduced the new sequence to parents and new staff members.
Common Questions:  
       Common questions of parents and staff are answers in Q & A format

How Physics is Helpful:  
       A listing of reasons that all students benefit from taking Physics.
Blog Entry:                
       A one entry report on the status of the "Physics First" implementation.

In all the material above it is important to remember that the views expressed by me here, on any website or in any publication do not  represent the views of  
McGill-Toolen Catholic High School, 
Archdiocese of Mobile or any  part of the Universal Catholic Church.

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