Thursday, March 23, 2017

Physics First Starter

Freshman getting data from photo-electric effect apparatus.

     The links below are resources used prior to and during the transition the "Physics First" science sequence at McGill-Toolen Catholic High School.

Timeline:                     The key dates during the implementation of the
                                      Physics First Sequence at McGill-Toolen

Initial Presentation:   Slide used in presentations to the staff, administration,
                                     school board and parents to explain "Physics First"

Action Research:        Research prior to, during and after the transition to
                                     "Physics First".  The focus is on learning about those
                                     programs that were managed well and successful.

Pamphlet Info:           A pamphlet distributed to staff, parents & feeder schools
                                     which explained the "Physics First" program.  Introduced
                                     the new sequence to parents and new staff members

Common Questions:  Common questions of parents and staff are answers
                                     in Q & A format

Helpful Physics:        A listing of reasons that all students benefit from taking

Blog Entry:                A one entry report on the status of the "Physics First"

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